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- 16/08/2020
The Maresme increases selective collection by 4.18% during 2019
A total of 18 municipalities in the county already meet the Catalan objective for 2020 to selectively collect more than 50% of their municipal waste

In 2019, the county of the Maresme improved its results for selective collection with respect to the previous year. Specifically, there was an increase of 4.18%, meaning a total of 114,791.78 tonnes, according to the figures that the Catalan Waste Agency has just published. In total, the percentage of selectively collected waste in the Maresme rose to 47.14% of the total waste generated, more than 2 percentage points above the Catalan average (44... Read more
- 11/05/2020
The Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery is producing emissions at under 20% of the legal limit during the COVID crisis
The main continuous indicator of the presence of chlorinated products, necessary for the formation of dioxins, has decreased even more during the treatment of sanitary waste since the end of March, according to a specific study carried out by the Eurecat

The Maresme Integral Centre for Waste Recovery has lowered the production of dioxins even further during the exceptional situation generated by COVID-19. This is one of the main conclusions of a study on the possible generation of chlorinated waste and its effect on the potential formation of dioxins, through the plant’s treatment of disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) used in Catalan hospitals during the ... Read more
- 10/04/2020
​The Consortium takes on the management of hospital waste from more than 30 centres in various Catalan counties
Depending on the evolution of the pandemic and lockdown, the authorities are not ruling out the possibility that more hospitals will have to divert their waste to the Mataró plant

The Maresme Consortium for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment has taken on the management of waste from hospitals in the Maresme, Barcelonès (incorporating a large part of the population served by the hospitals in the metropolitan area), Barcelona, ​​Vallès Oriental, Vallès Occidental, Gironès, Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà, Bages, Garrotxa, Ripollès and Anoia. This is in accordance with the o... Read more
- 07/04/2020
The Consortium makes a video to thank the professionals who continue at the plant during the lockdown
The President of the Consortium, David Bote, expresses his gratitude for the essential work being done at this crucial time

The Consortium’s professionals soldier on, despite the global COVID19 pandemic, because now more than ever their waste management task is fundamental for society. As the President of the Consortium, David Bote explains, it’s a task that no-one sees, but is absolutely necessary. Thank you for looking after us!Watch the video here: ... Read more
- 01/04/2020
The Consortium suspends its guided tour programme, UN VOLT ALS RESIDUS, until further notice
Please follow the legal regulations under the state of emergency, and together we will beat the virus #StayAtHome

Due to the current state of emergency caused by the coronavirus Covid-19 and the measures which must be adopted for the prevention and control of the infection, the Consortium has suspended all of the activities in its education programme UN VOLT ALS RESIDUS. This suspension will be in force UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Please follow the legal regulations under the state of emergency, and together we will beat the virus.  #StayAtHome
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